Who We Are

Peter Hudson Productions was founded circa 2008. Over the years, experimenting with various mediums, PHP was moulded into the brand it is today. PHP was a major contributor to the growth of creative media within the South African music industry. Our signature use of "fish eye" combined with high contrast and grungy grading has become a style that is now being replicated by many new photographers to the industry.

PHP has evolved into one of, if not, the industries leading service for creative media solutions. Having matured the PHP brand into a recognised and prominent creative media service within the South African industry, we continue to pride ourselves on our ability to create professional and bespoke image, film, and design solutions. Our projects show the capacity to creating high quality media content regardless of budget.


Some of our clients:

Science Frikshun | GRIET! | Impossible Object | Tomorrow Never Happened |

RAMfest | Sony Music Entertainment Africa | Like an Egg Productions (UK) |

Blissfields Festival (UK) | Session Skateboarding Magazine |

Savage Magazine | The Riot BMX | Made For Broadway |